Connecting with Horses

Equine guided Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

FEEL Certification Curriculum

The Horse – Fresh Insights

● The nature of horses
● Horse communication
● Understanding herd behaviour
● Wellness of the horse – physical, emotional and spiritual
● Safety considerations
● Assisting horses to develop necessary skills
● Creating an effective herd 

● Conducive facilities

Spiritual Connection

● Deepening the horse/human bond and connection
● Honouring the spirit and voice of the horse 

● Fostering spiritual connection with the horses
● Expanding consciousness through Spiritual tools
● Awakening a deeper sense of personal purpose

Personal Growth

  • Expanded self confidence
  • Heart based leadership
  • Authentic expression and self-realization
  • Acquire emotional agility
  • Increased observational abilities
  • Deeper listening skills

Facilitation Skills

● Learn to create and hold a safe container for learning, sharing, and healing
● Learn effective facilitation skills for all equine interactions
● Refine your feedback skills
● Work with group dynamics
● Facilitate private sessions
● Run a FEEL a one day workshop
● Understand ethical practices
● Differentiate between EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) and EFP (Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy)
● Understand diverse learning styles
● Enhance experiences with expressive art activities

The Horse as Your Partner

● The art and dance of relationship
● Reading the horse’s feedback
● Fostering spiritual connection
● Empowering horses
● Experiencing the horse as teacher and guide
● Creating moments of heart based connection

Intuitive Insights

● Learning to reawaken your intuition
● Exploring and listening to body’s messages and ‘gut’ feelings
● Understanding dynamics of energy
● Increasing self awareness
● Understanding with the ability holding intention

Horse Based Activities

● Learning theories and practices relevant to FEEL
● Honing communication skills to create an effective session
● Developing individual skills and competency
● Co-creating the dance between the horse, client and facilitator
● Knowing when to choose what exercise
● Designing program curriculums

Business Development

● Marketing know-how specific to FEEL
● Entrepreneurial guidance
● Designing a business plan just right for you
● Embodying your vision
● Program design and implementation